Lille, France, 'I dream but..' , 2009

Next Turn, 'I dream but..' , 2009

Project managment/Concept /Video/
Selda Asal
Animations & Stories
Ceren Oykut
Sound Production
Serdar Ateşer
Broschure Design& Layout: Berk Asal
Book design : Selda Asal

Collaboration with:
the youngsters from the regionPort d’arras/Lille/France
Ihssane Mouhib, Imane El Mesoudi, Kamel Oualkaid , Ilham Ahnedar, Sami Adjourd, Maxime Plumecocq, Mariam Akaadach, Abdel-Ilah El Adli, Nordine Bokarroua, Haminata Sigateh, Sékou Sy, Jimmy Bihhi
Manon Abanda, Hanane Gaci, Kawtar Benaboud,
Alix Fleuriel, maskotel, Sadness, Adil & Salfe
This Project was a big scale project.

The project is subdivided into 4 main areas of focus:
1. Rap Music Video
2. Posters
3. Billboard
4.Music Performance

The group 2+1 consists of Selda Asal, Ceren Oykut, and Serdar Ateşer. In addition to being part of 2+1, the members of this trio lead lives as independent artists, realizing projects both as individuals and as part of various other artistic groups.
In February, 2+1 held two separate workshops, one with a group of 14- year-old youngsters at Paul Verlain High School, and one with a group of 20-22 -year-old rappers at Maison Folie Moulen, in Lille, France.
In her workshop, Ceren Oykut had the youth at Paul
Verlain High School depict their dreams and their
realities, and then went on to reconstruct their paintings.

Selda Asal held a writing workshop with both groups in which she had them write about their dreams and the difficulties they experienced. Out of the texts they wrote Asal then made collage texts which were later used to put together the lyrics for the rap music video.

Next, musician Serdar Ateşler joined in to help each group make its own rap music video.The resulting rap music videos, for which Selda Asal did filming and editing and Serdar Ateşler did music, are titled “I Dream But…” and “Next Turn.”