2 Ağustos 2011 Salı

Postcards from Istanbul to Botkyrka

Postcards from Istanbul to Botkyrka


Selda Asal & Ceren Oykut

collaboration with Gül Kozacioglu

Project managment/Concept /Video/ Editing:

Selda Asal

Animations & Stories

Ceren Oykut


Gül Kozacıoğlu

Sound Production

Selda Asal

Botkyrka Konsthall designed as ‘Living Room”

by Anna Kindren and Carinna Gunnars

Pedagogical Team

Frida Naviet Vithlani & Kertin Adamsson

Collaboration with:

the youngsters from the region Botkyrka /Stockholm

This project is as 2+1 , it brings together three artists; different approaches on the shared area of a progressive exhibition, entitled as’Istanbul -Stockholm Postcards’

Istanbul - Stockholm Postcards is a three week experiment in an exhibition that progress’s and takes shape through the time period of it’s display.

It brings together different media and people, to recount stories/images of culture, questioning, time, feelings, existence and change.

The stories are not saga’s, but like postcards, small tit bits of information, brief, offering a glance, separate, atomic particles of the whole. In their coming together ... a recount of our times and existance in two separate cities.

We focus on the youngsters who are immigrated (to Stockholm)or migrated (to Istanbul)to those cities and live in a separatedconditions than the others.

Before we arrive to Stockholm, we asked to Johanna Sandells (curator of the Botrycka Kunsthalle), if we could work in a living room.So, two contemporary artists Anna Kindren and Carinna Gunnars designed the Kunsthalle as a ‘living room’ .

‘Make your own music video’

Offering the young people to conceptualize, shoot and edit their own music video’s, shooting in day/night trips in the surrounding area’s on shooting trips or using ready found material, editing together. These too will be uploaded to the postcards projection.

. We designed a stage in the Kunsthalle.They brought their own music. then we filmed all together.And made a short film and replaced in to the big film as a small ‘moving’ postcard.

Sometimes instead of we would go to their regions, they would come to our living room at Botrycka Kunsthalle and work all together. It was also interesthing for them to watch the changing postcards .

Four weeks shooting and editing in Istanbul neighbourhoods with similar aged young people, gathering material about their lives, to build the backbone of the postcard projection, the first material to be presented in Stockholm/Tumba, to which more will be added each day as we progress. This was bridging lives between two countries.

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