Diyarbakır , 'Hey World hear my voice', 2008

Project.Camera.Post Production : Selda Asal
Music :Serdar Ateşer
This project is collaborated with musician Serdar Ateşer and with the youngsters from Diyarbakır.Performers: Ali Ihsan Altuner, Amed Aydın, Aret Türkay , Berna Söğüt , Çağla Polat, Didem Aydemir, Eren Kaya, Erhan Cermik, Hüseyin Türkay, Merve Demirel, Merve Demirel, Merve Özdemir, Okan Karahan, Sezer Kılıç, Tufan Temizsu, Uğur Acil,
ve ayrıca /and also: Leyla, Sevinç , Gülşen, 
Pelin, Şiar, Önal, Yunus.Lyrics:Uğur Acil, Sezer Kılıç, Amed Aydın, Aret Türkay , Didem Aydemir, Merve Özdemir, Erhan Cermik, Merve Demirel
''Hey World! Hear my voice'' was composed by the local teenagers of Diyarbakır, between the ages of 16-18, who participated in a workshop that took place in the city, between the 5-17 th of November. The lyrics were written by the participation of guest musician Serdar Ateşer adn the final work was filmed as a music video by Selda Asal. The subject of the video, which is nine minutes long, is based on difficulties and dreams on a conseptual basis.
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